Goodybag Kitchen Sink

  • LESS
  • HTML
  • Handlebars

The first iteration of Goodybag built stylesheets on top of Bootstrap but this ended up being rather unwieldy and overly verbose for our needs. We suffered problems with conflicting styles and not reusing components. To fix this, we decided to rebuild our styling framework for new pages.

I created the first internal components for Goodybag's living style guide called the Kitchen Sink. The components include explanations, demos and embeddable code samples. The kitchen sink became an essential part of our front-end development flow and made prototyping much easier.


  • Node.js
  • jQuery
  • LESS

At Goodybag, we installed some speakers around the office for ambient music. First, we hooked up the speakers to someone's laptop and played one of their playlists. As you can imagine, this got old quickly!

I decided to democratize our music and built Discoteca which allows users to search and queue tracks. The playlist gets updated in real-time and shows album art as well as track information.



  • Node.js
  • Postgres
  • Backbone
  • LESS

Dataclips is like a sql pastebin that creates public, anonymized links to query results in a neatly formatted table.

The current implementation supports Postgres servers and versioning your data clips. The next steps will be adding integrations so that you can create dataclips through IDEs and chat services like Slack and Hipchat.

Other projects I've worked on

  • knobs — A feature toggles library
  • potato-load — A plugin to lazy load images
  • title-marquee — JS plugin to scroll text in your page title
  • simple-rcon — A client lib in Node.js for Source Servers via RCON protocol
  • mal — A clojure inspired lisp implemented in JavaScript. Written from scratch step-by-step according to the lovely mal project
  • zen — A markdown pastebin
  • drawwwww — A canvas based web app for drawing and saving doodles